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The Mouse Trap Game

Who else wants a fresh, new and crazy fundraiser that will fill your event and your bank account?

10 times the fun of a golf tournament! 10 times easier than a silent auction! An Evergreen promotion that is good year after year after year! And 100% of the money raised goes to your event!

Interested? Read on!

Imagine a fundraiser that everybody wants to attend because it's the funniest thing they've seen and they keep talking about it long after the event is over! The fidgets will perform a 60 minute to 90 minute improv show for your charity. It will be clean and family-friendly. When the audience enters the room, they will be offered a chance to purchase mouse traps that we will supply at a price that you set (anywhere between five dollars and $100 apiece].

Our last skit at the end of the night will involve taking all of the mouse traps purchased and setting them on the stage. We then take our shoes and socks off, put our blindfolds on and perform the last skit on top of those mouse traps! No one will believe their eyes! And all the money goes straight back to you!

Check out our "book the fidgets" page to see what dates we have available or use our "contact us" page if you have any other questions! The fidgets have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for charities and we look forward to helping you! Link to mouse trap commercials and videos.